Hailing from the entertainment capital of Los Angeles has certainly paid off for singer songwriter Melody Marshai. Performing across California to ecstatic crowds, she continues to release tracks that are loved by all. After only four songs featuring on all streaming platforms, she combines her distinct lyrical storytelling with a smooth and sultry R&B voice that can tempt the angels from the heavens.

Releasing ‘Pull Up’, ‘All Nite’, All Nite’ and ‘Suede’, she really hit her stride in 2022 with the single ‘Bounce’. Featuring her seductive voice in all its glory, Bounce sets the tone for her career to come. Showcasing her vulnerability and a smoothness akin to some of the greatest R&B singers. Melody’s studio work is now resonating with audiences who are stepping out to watch her on the live stage.

Turning in spellbinding performances wherever she appears, her reputation as a must-see artist is beginning to resonate with promoters and agents alike. With a professionalism that turns her arrival on the boards into memories that will stay with people forever, there’s no denying that her Bounce is a statement for all to hear.

Her mesmerising work is also perfectly represented by her visuals on YouTube. Keeping pace with her lyrical and vocal sophistication, her videos are intoxicating and tell a tale of a woman at the top of her game. With a whole host of singles about to drop, join Melody Marshai as she sings the harmonies the whole world wants to see and hear.

Watch Bounce HERE